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General Terms and Conditions

Terms of use NU Psychologist

These Terms of Use have been prepared for both users and healthcare providers using the platform. The Terms of Use describe the conditions, rights and obligations that apply when using this platform.
The Platform is managed by NU Psychologist.
The Platform directly allows users to connect with caregivers, linking people together.
NU Psychologist provides access to the platform here and offers the possibility here for users to search for a healthcare provider who advertises about themselves on the platform based on desired location, complaints, treatment forms, language and other parameters. When you want to use the platform, you must agree to the established Terms of Use and by clicking on them (including the privacy statement and disclaimer) confirm that you have read, understood and accept them. Only then can you use the platform and derive rights from it.

Article 1 Definitions
NU Psychologist: NU Psycholoog, located in Zevenaar and registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands under Chamber of Commerce number 65072685, which through a digital platform presented on the Internet under the url "" (hereinafter referred to as: the Platform) mediates in the establishment of a contact between the public and health care providers selected by NU Psycholoog.
User: A natural person and/or company who visits the Platform, or wishes to make use of the services offered by NU Psycholoog and/or the Care Providers.
Services: All online services offered by NU Psychologist through the Platform to Users and Caregivers.
Healthcare Providers: Self-employed established psychologists/therapists and institutions/organizations that provide psychological and/or therapeutic assistance and therapy in the professional practice of his/her or their profession and/or business and that present themselves to the public through the Platform.

Collaboration Agreement: The agreement between Nu Psychologist and the Health Care Provider, which sets forth the rights and obligations of both parties.

Article 2. General Provisions

2.1. Applicability of the Terms of Use.
These Terms of Use shall apply to all legal relationships between NU Psychologist and Users and Care Providers who access and use the Platform, to NU Psychologist services made available by any means, and to the Collaboration Agreement between NU Psychologist and Care Providers, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing.
These Terms of Use apply from the moment a User and/or Caregiver wants to use the Platform and therefore go to the Platform to view pages, look up information, register on the Platform and have agreed to the Terms of Use through the Platform, because there you will be asked to confirm that you have read, understood and agree to it.

2.2. Modification of the Terms of Use.
NU Psychologist reserves the right to make changes to the Services and/or implement changes to the Platform. NU Psychologist will notify Users and Caregivers at least one month in advance of any change to these Terms of Use with the information therein to be effective immediately upon the change.

2.3. Maintenance
NU Psychologist may have unexpected maintenance work done on the Platform, which may also take place during business hours. Therefore, NU Psychologist does not guarantee that the Platform will always be available, but it tries to keep those periods as short as possible.

2.4. Voidable, void, ineffective provisions.
If one or more provisions of these Terms of Use are invalid or are nullified, the remainder of these Terms of Use shall remain in full force and effect. NU Psychologist shall be entitled to replace any invalid provision(s) with provisions that are valid and that deviate as little as possible, given the purpose and intent of these Terms of Use, from the invalid provision(s).

Article 3. Services for Users

3.1. The User has access to the Platform and the services offered for that purpose, including the information on Healthcare Providers and the possibility to search for the most appropriate Healthcare Provider by search information on the Platform (where you specify the care to be provided).

3.2. The User may submit questions to a help desk employee through the Platform, if the User cannot find a suitable Care Provider and may schedule an intake consultation with a Care Provider through a help desk employee.

3.3. The User registered on the Platform can also contact a registered Healthcare Provider directly, through the button available on the Platform for that purpose. The User will then generally receive an answer within 24 hours.

3.4. Gaining access to the various educational forms offered by the Platform.

3.5 Providing access to the online store on the Platform.

3.6. The search for Caregivers is offered free of charge by the Platform.

Article 4. Users' access to NU Psychologist's services

- If a User wishes to use the services offered by NU Psycholoog, the User must register by completing and submitting the digital form on the Platform. The User will create their own login credentials, to access areas of the Platform that are restricted to third parties.
- The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the login data. Any misuse of the login data by third parties is for the User's own account and risk.
If the login data (password/username) are stolen by someone and used unlawfully, the User must report this to the Platform without delay. For any form of damage, costs or loss resulting from the stolen data and the use of them by others, NU Psychologist accepts no liability.
- If the User only visits the Platform but does not register on it, he/she will only have access to a part of the Platform and the Services, where he/she can search for a specialist based on various search options (such as location, complaints, diagnosis and treatment type), but cannot make an appointment/contact with Healthcare Provider.
- As soon as the User is registered on the Platform and finds a suitable Caregiver, they can send an application to a Caregiver, who will usually contact them within 24 hours to make an appointment for an exploratory contact with a duration of (at least) 15 minutes. The User will receive a confirmation of the application by email. During this exploratory meeting, which can take place by telephone or image connection, the Caregiver will make agreements with the User about follow-up contacts.
Further communication between Users and the Healthcare Providers takes place outside the Platform.
- By registering as a User with Nu Psycholoog, he/she declares that the registration form has been filled out truthfully and that he/she agrees to these Terms of Use. The User hereby grants permission to NU Psychologist to process the personal information provided by the User on the Platform, by storing it in the User's account and by using it in the search on the Platform, by the User, for a suitable Care Provider.

Article 5. The right of Nu Psychologist to block the account of the Users.

Now Psychologist shall have the right to delete and/or block the User's account and all data entered thereon by the User if:
- it does not use the account for 12 months;
- If the User explicitly leaves negative reviews about Healthcare Providers that may cause damage to a Healthcare Provider's image;
- If the Users do not behave in a proper manner towards the Caregiver(s).
Before the Account is deleted, Nu Psychologist will send an email to User's email address.

Article 6. The Platform as an intermediary between Users and Healthcare Providers.

- If a User enters into an agreement with a Care Provider, the Platform acts as an intermediary and that agreement applies exclusively between the User and the Care Provider. The Care Provider carries out his/her activities independently and at his/her own discretion. The Platform does not offer or provide care, nor does it guarantee proper service provision by the Care Provider.

- If a User has made the contact with Caregivers, but for whatever reason has not received a response from Caregivers within the stipulated 24-hour period, the Platform is not liable for this. Complaints can be reported by Users to NU Psychologist, via the Platform.
- The Platform does not guarantee the quality of the services of Caregivers, but the Platform tries to ensure the quality of Platform as much as possible by assessing profiles of Caregivers, taking into account, among other things, experience, background, accreditations and registrations.
- The Platform offers the possibility for Users to leave a review on the quality of the services of Healthcare Providers. Reviews are public and visible to third parties. In reviews, Users can share their opinions and experiences. These reviews may only be used by Care Providers with the permission of NU Psycholoog and may not refer to them in their own advertising. The Platform reserves the right to remove these reviews if they are not in accordance with the facts or give a wrong impression.

Article 7. Agreement and Access to NU Psychologist's Services.

- In order to use the Platform's Services, Caregivers must register on the Platform, create an account, enter into a cooperation agreement with the Platform and receive the Platform's approval. The Caregiver is subject to an obligation to inform about any changes to its data. If the data entered by the Care Provider is no longer current, the Care Provider shall ensure that it is updated without delay. The changes will be published on the Platform after NU Psychologist has approved them.
In doing so, NU Psychologist is entitled to ensure that only high quality Care Providers are registered on the Platform, including through screening. Upon approval of the account created by the Caregiver, the Caregiver will obtain an ongoing subscription to the Platform, each time for periods of one year.
- All further arrangements between Caregivers and the Platform are determined and discussed in the cooperation agreement.

Article 8. Obligations and Rights of Users/Guardians and of the Platform

- Caregiver will respond to a User's inquiry in a timely manner, if possible within 24 hours.
- Caregivers will provide quality assistance to the User.
- The Platform will carefully guard all information about Users under the law General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) dated 25-05-2018. The information about Users will be kept until the account is deleted.
- The Platform provides a guarantee to Users that his/her personal data will not be provided to third parties (including other Healthcare Providers).
- The Platform is obliged to process the personal data of Users and Caregivers in accordance with the privacy and cookie statement published on the Platform.

Article 9. Liability of NU Psychologist

- The Platform acts as an intermediary, which does not assume any liability for the quality of the service provided by the Healthcare Provider, nor for the conclusion of a contract between the User and the Healthcare Provider, nor for the content of that contract.
- The Platform is not liable if the Healthcare Provider with whom arrangements have been made by the User through the Platform is prevented or does not properly carry out their activities.
- Caregivers are personally responsible for the care provided, keeping appointments, complying with laws and regulations, and meeting the requirements for practicing his profession.
- If Users are dissatisfied with the quality of care provided or/and the appointment made is not honored by Caregivers, the User may contact NU Psychologist through the Platform and then file a complaint with the complaint committee to which the Caregiver belongs or with which it is affiliated.
- NU Psychologist is not liable for the failure or inaccessibility of the Platform due to internet or electricity outages.

Article 12. Intellectual Property
- All intellectual property rights relating to the design and content of the Platform, including texts, images and sound, the "care demand menu structure" and its content, including database rights, trade name rights, domain name rights, trademark rights and copyrights, rest exclusively with NU Psycholoog.
- Programs, course materials, other aids to the use of the services offered by NU Psychologist, are and shall remain the property of NU Psychologist.
- NU Psychologist grants the User and Caregiver access to the Platform and the right to use the services offered by NU Psychologist. Users and Caregivers cannot transfer rights and obligations to a third party.

Article 13. Website
- NU Psychologist strives to ensure the highest possible quality of the Platform's content, but Nu Psycholoog cannot guarantee that the information provided on the Platform is up to date. NU Psychologist accepts no liability for possible errors and shortcomings on the Platform.
- No rights can be derived from the information provided on the Platform by the User, the Healthcare Providers and the third party. It is also not permitted to copy, distribute, disclose or provide to third parties the copyrighted information and services.

Article 14. Dispute Resolution
- Any agreement between NU Psychologist and the Care Provider, and the legal relationship between Nu Psycholoog and the Users, shall be governed by Dutch law.
- All disputes between NU Psychologist, the User, the Care Provider shall in the first instance be adjudicated and settled exclusively by the competent civil court in NU Psychologist's place of business, unless another court has jurisdiction under mandatory law.