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Nu Psycholoog connects clients seeking quick support with experienced certified psychologists or therapists who will work with you in your own mother tongue can talk.

Our approach:
1. Introduction
: Within 24 hours, schedule a free phone or video appointment with your chosen counselor (takes about 15 min).

2. Intake interview: If it clicks well with your chosen counselor, you can schedule a concrete plan of action with him or her. Before this meeting we ask you to first fill out an online questionnaire.

3. Treatment: You will start online therapy immediately, or at your designated dates/time, or in the office with your chosen healthcare professional.

4. Completion of treatment: Once your treatment goals are met, you and the counselor will conclude treatment.


With most psychologists and therapists, you are eligible for full or partial reimbursement.  If not, we are always transparent about prices and options.

We are flexible in our treatment times and we always try to schedule the most convenient time for you.

The information you share with your psychologist and/or therapist is confidential and will not be disclosed to any third person, nor will your private information be shared with another health care provider, for example, without your permission (verbal or written).

You can get in touch with our social workers with or without a referral from your family doctor.

Even if in the meantime you moved you can still seek help from our care providers and often this is also reimbursed by international health insurances.

After registering on the platform, you can get in touch with the healthcare professional via Skype or email.

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